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Earlier this year we gave away a “Save The Date” video with Bree over at Capitol Romance. Lovers of travel and music, and self proclaimed geeks, Keri Kae and Andy were the winners. After chatting with them, and learning they love nothing more than spending time with friends on the roof of their building, and after a battle with the weather, we made the following. As... Read More

…even though they’re really just small cakes…

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Thanks to Amber and Jon over at Live It Out Photography I was fortunate enough to meet Nick + Tara. They really are as adorable as they seem.    Read More

Julian + Claire

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Here is some of what we brought back from our afternoon with Julian + Claire, to celebrate their engagement.  Read More

When I Am With You

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Footage of Nick & Tara set to a reading of the poem “Love” by Roy Croft, who translated it from the poem “Ich liege Dich” (“I Love You”) by Austrian poet Erich Fried. The poem was read by a family member at their ceremony. Read More  Read More

Tim and Corrie love music

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From the first conversation Corrie and I had, it was apparent that music is a huge part of hers and Tim’s life, and my guess their family’s as well, at least an obsession with Billy Joel. So for their full edit, instead of trying to decide what music I thought was best, I used the music they chose for their day. We all have our ideas of what’s good and bad, but... Read More

It was 105 degrees that day

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Thanks to Bree at Capitol Romance, Corrie and Tim asked us to come down to Leesburg, VA to shoot their wedding this summer. It was fun, they were sweet, their friends and family did their part to make it memorable, the Thomas Birkby House was a beautiful location, and it was HOT, SO VERY HOT! But it was a blast, and Tim and Corrie were adorable. Be sure to check out their photos... Read More